Let Me Do The Numbers For You…

  •  We pay above market pay to our rockstar sales team, so if you’re ready to be paid what you deserve…keep reading…
  •  If you close 3 deals a week…that’s 3-4k a week in commissions…
  •  If you close 6 deals a week…you’ll make 6-7k a week in commissions…
  •  We heavily invest in your growth (making you world class)…we pay the best experts in the game to train our sales team and turn them into the rockstars they are today (saving you thousands in expense trainings and courses)
  •  We’ve been in business for 12 years…this isn’t some new company that’s unstable, disorganised and still figuring our how to treat their sales team.

Are you a top-performing Chiropractor with a passion for enhancing spinal health and delivering exceptional patient outcomes? If so, you may be the perfect fit for our established team at Young Chiropractic

You’ll be part of a small but close knit team with over 20 years of established community connections.

We have a beautiful family friendly space with a strong reputation for, but not limited to, excellence in family, children's and pregnancy care.

Our clients love to discover the value of healthy living that includes the benefits of optimal movement, mindset and nutrition achieved through lifestyle education that incorporates the best of chiropractic philosophy.

You will also be a part of a team that strives to provide our clients with evidence-based care to provide optimal results, while loving what we do!

We are known for the successes of our clients and have reputation in our community of being leaders within the profession. You will be part of the team that will continue to grow that reputation.

As a part of our team, you'll contribute to our main goal to provide outstanding personalised chiropractic care to each of our patients while educating and working to transform the way chiropractic is delivered. It's our mission to continuously strive for excellence and push the boundaries of what a chiropractic can achieve.

We are seeking an exceptional Chiropractor to expand our team. As a valued member of our team, you'll have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of our patients and contribute to the growth and success of our practice.

If you're a skilled and dedicated Chiropractor looking for a rewarding career in a collaborative and supportive environment, we invite you to join our dynamic chiropractic team at Young Chiropractic. Together, let's enhance chiropractic and transform lives in our community.

Apply now to take the next step in your chiropractic career with us!

Let Me Do The Numbers For You…

  •  We pay above market pay to our rockstar sales team, so if you’re ready to be paid what you deserve…keep reading…
  •  If you close 3 deals a week…that’s 3-4k a week in commissions…
  •  If you close 6 deals a week…you’ll make 6-7k a week in commissions…
  •  We heavily invest in your growth (making you world class)…we pay the best experts in the game to train our sales team and turn them into the rockstars they are today (saving you thousands in expense trainings and courses)
  •  We’ve been in business for 12 years…this isn’t some new company that’s unstable, disorganised and still figuring our how to treat their sales team.


You're not just a Chiropractor; you're an "A player" who thrives in a high-energy team environment. You're eager to learn, grow, and consistently exceed expectations.

Your passion for chiropractic goes beyond the practice - you are committed to making a positive impact on every patient's life. Please ONLY apply for this position if you are ready to excel daily, contribute to a vibrant team, and provide exceptional chiropractic care.

As an exceptional Chiropractor at Young Chiropractic , you possess the following qualities:

  • Smart, Fast, and Confident: You demonstrate intelligence, agility, and confidence in your approach to chiropractic care, ensuring efficient and effective treatment.

  • Leadership Skills: You enjoy leading and inspiring others, setting high standards, and promoting excellence within the team.

  • Hyper-Organised and Systematic: You thrive on organisation and excel in maintaining systems that enhance efficiency and streamline processes in patient care.

  • Accountability: You take full responsibility for your outcomes and are committed to delivering the best possible results for your patients.

  • High Emotional Intelligence: You possess exceptional interpersonal skills and are attuned to the emotions and needs of both patients and colleagues.

  • Connections : You easily thrive on developing deep connections with your team and clients that reflect your ability to attract referrals from within the community.

  • Passionate and Outgoing: Your genuine passion for chiropractic care shines through your interactions with patients and colleagues. Your outgoing nature fosters positive connections and relationships.

  • Commitment to Personal Development: You understand the value of continuous learning and personal growth. You embrace coaching and seek opportunities for self-improvement.

  • Commitment to Growth : You are motivated to the growth of the practice as a whole as well as yourself and have a " I'll do whatever it takes approach" to get the goals that we set as a team as well as individually. You also have a can do attitude and will go the extra mile to grow as a team.

  • Contribution: You love being involved in promoting chiropractic at a community level and thrive in developing relationships within our health community

  • Pursuit of Excellence: You demand excellence from yourself and continually strive for improvement. Constructive feedback motivates you to perform at your best.

  • Energy and Motivation: You bring energy and enthusiasm to your work, creating a positive and uplifting environment for both patients and team members.

  • Results-Focused: You are driven to achieve the best possible outcomes for your patients, setting high goals and taking proactive steps to surpass expectations.

  • Lightning-Fast Learner: You have a remarkable ability to absorb new knowledge and skills quickly, adapting to changing circumstances and incorporating the latest advancements in chiropractic care.

  • Resilience and Adaptability: You possess the strength to navigate challenges and bounce back from setbacks, remaining adaptable in a dynamic healthcare environment.

  • Conflict Resolution Skills: You excel in resolving conflicts and fostering positive relationships, promoting harmony and collaboration within the team.

  • Connection with Family and Healthy Living : You have a natural affinity with people, children, families and healthy living

If you embody these qualities and are ready to thrive in a dynamic chiropractic team, we invite you to apply for a position at Young Chiropractic.

Please submit your application and showcase how you can contribute to our team's success and make a lasting impact on our patients' lives.


We love what we do and we want you to love experience of being part of team that is transforming lives.

As a Chiropractor at Young, you will be responsible for a variety of tasks

  • Your most important task will be to give our clients an exceptional experience while maintaining the systems and procedures within the clinic.

  • Comprehensive functional spinal assessments, including evaluating spinal function, mobility, and neurological function of clients including regular reassessments.

  • We are a family based service – so expect you will need to develop your skills in managing family based care, including pregnancy, children and infants.

  • Diagnosing and treating various spinal conditions, including but not limited to subluxations, postural imbalances, extremity dysfunction, degenerative disorders, and sport related injuries.

  • Assessment for posture examinations, exercises, examinations and radiological analysis.

  • Developing and implementing individualised chiropractic care plans for patients, considering their specific needs and goals.

  • You will be working with our clients , but will also be providing technical support for the other team members while you are growing.

  • Opportunities to maintain the integrity of our clients base with opportunities to manage patients of our chiropractors while they are on annual leave while you are growing.

  • Providing a full range of chiropractic services, including spinal adjustments, exercises, home care advice, nutritional and lifestyle advice.

  • Educating patients on proper posture, ergonomics, and exercises to support spinal health and prevent future issues on an individual and group settings.

  • Education on wellness and preventative care.

  • Collaborating with our team of chiropractic assistants, administrative staff, and other healthcare professionals to ensure integrated and holistic patient care.

  • Staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in chiropractic techniques, research, and continuing education opportunities to deliver the most effective and evidence-based care.

  • Making a significant impact on patients' lives by restoring optimal health, improving overall well-being and promoting overall wellness and prevention.

Want Early App Access? Get Yours Here.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join the

Young Chiropractic Team

Generous salary – this is very attractive to the right applicant.

Options for a salary plus percentage based bonuses, including paid annual leave and superannuation. Other renumeration options are available for the right person!

Coaching Training and development - We are obsessed with personal and professional development. Something you’ve always wanted to learn? We offer professional and personal development opportunities, so let us know what you want to learn, and we will make it happen.

Full Training and Support – Every new team member will go through step-by-step training make sure you are fully confident in your role. We also run a peak performance environment with daily, weekly and quarterly support to make sure you reach your goals including mentoring weekly from the principal chiropractor

Professional Growth:  Opportunities for professional and personal growth including CPD

Young and vibrant team – Learn and thrive with switched on and experienced chiropractors. Plus, you’ll be working for Dr. Rachel Young herself. (Did you know she started her first business from scratch over 26 years ago and has been continually working on evolving the practice with her team to what it is today.

Amazing long-term career growth– You'll get to work in a established chiropractic clinic , where there are loads of long term development opportunities for the right chiropractor.

The Culture: Forget the traditional corporate culture. We left that behind years ago for a reason and have created something entirely different! At Young Chiropractic we’re all family and here to support you however we can!


To be considered for this position, you must possess the following:

  • Experience preferred, however new graduates and chiropractors in their first few years are welcome to apply.

  • Proficient manual adjusting and communication skills

  • An interest in family based care

  • Set hours will apply and may be afternoon and/ or morning shifts depending on the needs of the practice. There may be times that hours will change but this will be planned out in advance.

  • Currently registered with AHPRA in Australia as a fully practicing Chiropractor

  • All requirements completed for registration including First Aid, CPD and your own professional indemnity insurance

  • We love that you to bring additional skills to the clinic to broaden our scope as a team please add any additional skills that you think will add value to your resume and cover letter.

  • Flexibility with hours will be a benefit.

  • You will be taking over from a chiropractor going back to university to further her education so you will be required to observe and connect with her clients to maintain retention and create growth.

  • experience with growing a patient base and maintaining a patient base is preferred

  • Having a growth mindset is essential.


For more information and to submit your full application and expression of interest


Young Chiropractic is more than a chiropractic practice. We're a team dedicated to providing top-tier chiropractic care and improving the lives of our patients.

Our culture encourages collaboration, continuous learning, and a focus on patient well-being. We believe in fostering a supportive environment where our team members can grow both personally and professionally, all while delivering exceptional care to our patients.


At Young Chiropractic, we offer a comprehensive range of chiropractic services designed to meet the diverse needs of our patients. From routine assessments to a wide range of chiropractic techniques, we are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care.

Our practice systems incorporates cutting-edge software tools and chiropractic techniques to ensure optimal treatment outcomes with maximum results. Patient education is at the core of our approach, as we believe in empowering individuals to actively participate in their physical well-being.


What can we say? We really like each other! From team-building events and ongoing learning we love to work and play hard.

You will also be working with leaders in the Chiropractic profession, with over 36 years of experience, who aim to excel in serving our community and our profession.  You will be a part of a team that loves what they do and that will support the heck out of you.


You will also be a part of a team that strives to provide our clients with evidence-based care to provide optimal results, while loving what we do!

We care about you. We care about our team and we care about our clients. We spend a lot of time with people so honestly we want it to feel like you have the best place in the world to be every day that you walk through that door!


We don't believe REAL culture comes from small perks like dinners, drinks or pep talks but from helping our own Practice Acceleration team undergo the same transformations that we help our members achieve each day. We don't believe in workplace 'families' either, we are here to win and succeed and that means we want people who want to show up, level up and get S*** done so they can earn the right to be part of the winning 'team'.


Something you’ve always wanted to learn? We offer opportunities for professional and personal development opportunities, so let us know what you want to learn and we will make it happen. You also will have the opportunity with the team to share new knowledge and skills so that we can grow as a team.

Want to see what our clients think of our services?

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the smiles of our patients. We have helped thousands to achieve optimal health through chiropractic care. We are a trusted provider of quality chiropractic care in our community and would love to see our team grow. Check out our google reviews to find out how our clients rate our services. Interested in becoming a part of our dedicated team? Hit the apply now button !


If you’d like to be considered for this role, please respond to by 

[Date] with the following details:

Meet Tristan

Tristan Bond, is a practice marketing and growth machine!

After starting his first physiotherapy practice from scratch at age 23, he went on to build and successfully sell multiple practices before dedicating his energy, passion and knowledge to help other dynamic practice owners to create their own successful practices with more control, freedom and profit.

Fast forward a few years and Tristan’s company Practice Acceleration has now helped over 2000 practices worldwide across all manner of healthcare niches to achieve their ultimate practice and lifestyle by helping practice owners up skill and transform the way that they attract, convert and retain patients as well as the way that they manage and lead outstanding teams.

With over 15 years experience as a practice owner, marketing and practice growth author, expert business consultant and marketing specialist, Tristan has helped over 1000 practice owners across Australia, Canada, the US, UK, Europe and Asia to grow and profit through his endless drive, enthusiasm, experience and passion for healthcare business.


We empower business owners to build profitable healthcare businesses that bring professional and personal freedom.

In everything we do, we aim to inspire confidence and action. Our signature service is helping business owners break free in the areas of business that were once holding them back. We give them step by step marketing and business growth solutions every day to help them build the businesses and lifestyles of their choosing.

We lead a fun-loving, dedicated team that is committed to excellence, always sees the upside to any situation, and maintains the strength and flexibility to change course as our business evolves.

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